Our designers and R&D teams work to the mantra “we worship the ground you walk on’. This has been kept very front of mind over the months of development and refinement to ensure that we bring you only the best curated finishes.

We have stuck by our experience and an ethos of quality over quantity, to refine the many potential finishes down to the perfect shortlist of choices. We offer 17 beautiful flat finishes, 8 textured finishes and 4 metallic finishes.

Small swatch samples are provided free of charge to give a general indication of the main colour tone of the finished floor, and will only be a snap shot of the full range of colours and grain character that would appear over a whole floor. Character develops over time too. This is natural and part of the fundamental difference between our floors and mass-produced laminate. We celebrate this and have intentionally developed our finishes to enhance this alchemical miracle. Our floors take on the character of their experience and environment through their long lives, growing in beauty and personality as they do so.

For the full collection, please email us and request a brochure.