As the floors are not specific to their destination, they are installed according to ‘best fit’ principles whereby a set out point is agreed and the floor is flood filled from that point or line outwards to the perimeter. Floors can be run through to adjacent rooms or thresholds employed to facilitate room-specific lay out.

Personal fitting
Our Engineered floors have been pre-designed and pre-prepared to facilitate a simpler fit. This means these floors can be installed by your chosen local fitter. Ask us about our fitting oversight service if this is of interest.

Weldon fitting
The best in the business, our installation team bring a wealth of experience and devilish attention to detail to every fit.

The key to every successful floor installation is the structural stability, quality and flatness of the sub-floor and we will advise you what needs to be done by way of preparation for your flooring. Most of our Evolution floors are designed to work over under-floor heating using our Screed-master or Joist-master system.

Correct environmental conditions are critical. Our floors are carefully prepared and packaged to be fitted on delivery. Typical delivery time of Evolution floors in the UK is 6 weeks from order.