For clients who demand the finest quality but not an entirely bespoke design. Our Evolution range guarantees our exacting standards whilst offering a shorter lead-time from initial consultation to fitting. This is the fastest way to own a Weldon floor.

Decades of experience across a huge breadth of interior styles has allowed us to design and create this range of floors that brings out the beauty and durability of our superior timbers. Some in the range are contemporary, others classical. The essential components of each are fixed, the size, shape, timber type, surface and edge treatments are all pre-defined. We can advise on the best choice of finish from a select range, but customization of this and additional elements such as room thresholds or borders, is still possible.

These floors are installed by us with the same care and attention that goes into a Truly Bespoke fitting. As the floors are not specific to their destination, they are installed according to ‘best fit’ principles whereby a set out point is agreed and the floor is flood filled from that point outwards to the perimeter.

Many of these floors have been created to simplify the installation process. If installation times need to be shortened, we can pre-finish these floors by hand in our workshops. Many of these floors are available to purchase for installation by others; which means that a Weldon floor is now available to ship worldwide.

A small selection is illustrated here.

For further information please email dean@weldon.co.uk