Choosing – Borders and Embellishments

Weldon’s Truly Bespoke floors embrace any and every client idea that may reasonably be incorporated into our floors. Your imagination is the only real limit, and our team relishes the challenges we are given by clients.

An open-minded approach to R&D has helped Weldon deliver innovative, unique floors over many years. Whether treating timber to give a textured feel or applying surface treatments to create a glitter effect; incorporating metal strips and other materials into parquetry and marquetry flooring or working gold, bronze and copper into the surface to highlight the natural grain to stunning effect, we are inspired by our clients to create ever better, unique floors for them.

Borders to frame a central area of flooring are a commonly-requested feature, and can be as simple as boards laid as backfill or soldier backfill, perhaps enhanced by a metallic strip detail. More embellished borders, frequently employing marquetry and the inlaying of materials like mother of pearl, marble and precious and semi-precious stones, offer a striking frame for flooring like boards which will offer a beautifully-simple contrast. We are highly experienced in this field and can advise you on the make-up and the principles of border placement, whether to frame the flooring or follow the perimeter of a room.

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