Environmental and social sustainability are part of Weldon’s DNA and form part of our wider commitment to responsible business practices.

Weldon has an action plan to achieve sustainable benefits from our activities; we monitor our suppliers carefully and use clear measurement tools to ensure that objectives are achieved. We work continuously towards reducing our impact on the environment, setting ourselves annual targets to create less waste and recycle more than in previous years. In 2015/16 the company was sending 30% by volume of its waste to landfill – an expensive and environmentally-unfriendly process. Research was undertaken to find new waste treatment partners and through a variety of small but significant changes to our operations and waste management, we were able to reduce the proportion to 23% in 2016/17 and further to 19.7% in 2017/18.

Embedding sustainable procurement practices has helped us to reduce waste, protect biodiversity and support sustainable economic growth throughout the value chain, while ensuring long term cost effectiveness and delivering enhanced value for money to our clients.

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