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Weldon – floors without limit

Old or New

Most Weldon floors are created using recently-harvested timber from a huge variety of species, with beautiful results; they will take on the character of their installed environment, growing in beauty and personality over time. But the salvage and reuse of old timbers is a significant part of our work and the patina of antique flooring, the undulations and blemishes of centuries of wear, make even the simplest floor feel sumptuous from the outset. Whether you opt for new wood or old, a Weldon floor is your future heritage.

Installed or Engineered

Weldon’s bespoke installation takes into account every conceivable detail and idiosyncrasy of a room; when combined with the build-up of the flooring, this approach delivers the greatest long-term stability and durability, while meeting the client’s wishes perfectly.

However, a simpler offering – pre-assembled off-site – is often preferred and generally the only option with most flooring companies. So in 2017, we launched an engineered range that redefined the category and offered a simpler path to a Weldon floor.

Parquetry, Marquetry?

Recent years have seen a resurgence in interest in decorative wood flooring and Weldon ranks among the few craftspeople worldwide able to take on these beautiful, often highly-complex commissions. Such floors are no longer the preserve of grand houses; our huge library of parquet designs, both ancient and modern, can be fitted perfectly to most rooms, and a curated selection of parquet panels and marquetry tiles is also available in engineered form.

Boards and Similar Formats

Weldon’s boarded floors deliver understated elegance to any room. Their very simplicity makes the selection and manufacture of the timber even more critical, and we work closely with our clients to deliver exactly what they want. For those seeking a simple geometric design, small board components arranged in herringbone and chevron configurations have proved increasingly popular in recent years. These formats, like our boards, are also offered in a curated selection of engineered versions.

Borders and Embellishments

We are constantly inspired by our clients to create ever better, unique floors for them, and Weldon’s Truly Bespoke floors embrace any and every client idea that may reasonably be incorporated. Whether adding metal strips and other materials into parquetry flooring or working gold leaf into the surface to highlight the wood’s grain, framing a floor with a marquetry border inlaid with mother of pearl and precious stones or a simple soldier backfill – our expertise in layout and the proper presentation of a floor ensures that we will bring your ideas to life perfectly.

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