Whether your project calls for an entire building of parquet designs with intricate marquetry borders or one room of boards, we treat each commission as a unique design project, developed in consultation with our client.

Scoping meetings establish the look and effect you are seeking to create and a detailed site survey documents every technical aspect of the setting. We’ll work with you to select every detail of timber, colour, pattern, texture and dimension.

Detailed room plans and architectural drawings are drawn up on CAD, with particular attention to how the floor will work around important features such as doorways, hearths and corners. On some projects, large sample panels may be produced for the design presentation, to ensure the design works with everything else in the room and to give you the insight into what the finished floor will look like in situ.
Finally, a detailed specification is created to define every element, from the sub-floor to the finish; the sub-floor is critical to the longevity of a floor, and we are fanatical about getting it right. Everything from under-floor heating and climate control to the latest in multi-media and interior lighting systems can be seamlessly and invisibly incorporated at this stage.
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