Maintenance and Restoration

A Weldon floor is built to last, the heritage of the future, and such longevity demands a commitment to maintenance.

The Weldon Maintenance Team is the best in the business, offering unrivalled customer service, flexibility, discretion and decades of experience in the maintenance of hardwood flooring. 

Working directly with private clients and their housekeepers, property management and concierge companies nationwide, a full range of services is offered, even on floors we did not install ourselves, from one-off repairs, maintenance and cleaning or French polishing to customised Maintenance Service Agreements for both private and commercial environments.

Our maintenance work flows naturally from our knowledge and experience in the conservation and restoration of hardwood floors, where we are regarded as the UK’s foremost experts. 

Since working on the floors at Windsor Castle after the fire of 1992, our restoration team has returned to their former glory many Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian boarded and parquetry floors, both in the UK and overseas.

Our aim in restoration is to be historically correct and sympathetic to the original in style, quality and finish.

A good clean and re-finish is the preferred starting point but much renovation requires the replacement of the sub-floor and/or some or all of the hardwood, in which case the skilful sourcing and selection of timber – for grain, patina and colour – is a prerequisite, as is the careful replacement of the damaged components to match the original as closely as possible.

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