Our environmental aim is to ensure that we support planting and growing more wood than we use. Timber is one of the world's great renewable resources and sustainably managed forests are actively being grown in many of our source areas.

Weldon demonstrate our commitment to the environment in numerous ways: we obtain new timber from forests that have excellent reputations for sustainable management; we promote the use of certified timber where reliable certification is available; and we salvage and reuse old timber.

Furthermore, we manage and plant trees, mainly Oak, in our own ancient woodland in Lincolnshire and in Somerset we are involved in gradually returning a large Spruce plantation to native hardwoods with species found in the surrounding semi-ancient natural woodland.  We have planted over 3,000 trees over the last 10 years, providing sustainable future timber supplies in the UK as well as habitat for fauna through mixed planting schemes and clearing undergrowth to increase forest floor plant variety and butterfly populations.

Currently we are involved in an informal programme for local landowners to inspire them to appreciate the value of active management of their woodlands for social, environmental and commercial applications.  The supply of good quality Western European timber does not meet demand and we are passionate about addressing this gap from home-grown sources.  It involves encouraging our customers to appreciate the different grain structure and features of cut English Oak.

We are strong supporters of the Royal Forestry Society      The Royal Forestry Society