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The Finest Floors

The options with a Weldon floor are genuinely limitless. At the heart of our offering is a Truly Bespoke approach that is just that: a fully-tailored, customised solution that meets your every wish.

Whether you opt for complex, unique marquetry or simple, elegant boards, Weldon will work through the possibilities with you and bring your ideas to life. These pages feature some of the options you may want to consider…


Thoughtful, skilled craftsmanship underpins our design, timber sourcing, manufacture and installation, resulting in trouble-free floors remarkable only for the beauty of their appearance.


Sustainability at Weldon is neither an afterthought nor a token gesture. It is the personal responsibility of the Managing Director and at the heart of everything we do.

Wood is a naturally green and renewable natural resource that, handled properly, is more sustainable than other flooring options. By overseeing the entire manufacturing process from forest to floor, Weldon is in the rare position of being able to guarantee the sustainability of its operations.

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