From Forest to Floor.

Uniquely among British flooring companies, Weldon does not install wood flooring mass-produced by others; we source the timber and manufacture it to the desired type and style in our own workshops close to Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.
Timber procurement and selection are critical and ultimately determine the aesthetics of a finished floor. Our skilled craftsmen reject any imperfections from the chosen timbers, ensuring that only the finest, best-matched wood is processed.

In our facilities, the timber is kiln-dried to give our floors an appropriate moisture content before being machined through a combination of traditional crafts and technology. Precision sawing, moulding equipment and lasers help us to deliver some of the world’s most accurately-manufactured floors.

Our UK facilities allow our customers to see the quality of a Weldon floor built in through the design, procurement and manufacturing stages, and to meet the craftspeople who will take their project from idea to reality.

We welcome clients – both trade and consumer – to visit us by appointment.

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