Choosing – Antique or New Wood?

Most Weldon floors are created using recently-harvested timber; Walnut, Mahogany, Teak, Wenge, Sycamore, Rosewood and above all Oak are commonly-specified, offering a broad range of colours and features, which will vary with the cut and may be varied further through the use of oil- and water-based stains and other finishes. New timber is easiest to work with and will offer beautiful results every time. The depths of colour and tone found in the patina of antique flooring, however, offer something special that makes even the simplest floor feel sumptuous; the undulations and blemishes of centuries of wear adding to the appeal.

Weldon’s deep knowledge in the recreation of antique floors is supported by an extensive library of historic flooring designs, ranging from classic wide boards to complex parquet panel designs originating from across Europe, and the salvage and reuse of old timbers is a significant part of our work.

However, lifting old floors, removing fixtures, cleaning and machining old timber is a time-consuming, expensive and sometimes hazardous process; it allows us to extend the life of previously-harvested wood and the results are stunning, but at a cost.

There are alternatives we can offer with new timber that will mimic the appearance of antique woods, such as chemical washing to drive a dark colour through it, or hand-working the wood to create the worn appearance of antique floors.

Or you may decide to let time do its work and opt for new wood. Our floors take on the character of their experience and environment through their long lives, growing in beauty and personality over the generations, a testament to the quality of their manufacture. Old or new, a Weldon floor is your future heritage.

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